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Luxury Pet Grooming at your doorstep.

Velvett Spa grooming van


We at Velvett Spa make pet grooming convinient.

At your doorstep

Get the luxury pet grooming service for your pets, at doorstep.

Pet friendly

We have a team of highly trained pet grooming professionals.

With our increasingly busy lives, sometimes a mundane activity like dog grooming can seem like a chore. You may even assume that grooming your furball isn’t that important after all, his coat looks to be in okay shape, so why bother?

We at Velvett Spa, specially take care of your pets’ health. We have a team of highly trained & efficient professionals.

We are the first mobile luxury pet grooming services provider in Uttar Pradesh. We have a team of well trained & highly efficient professionals, as well as a van which is perfectly equipped with best in class equipments to provide that leisure time to your loved one.

All our equipments are thoroughly sterlized so that your pet doesn’t suffer from any diseases or infection.


Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad & Kanpur. We are also expanding our serviceable areas.

We specialize in grooming all dogs. Big or small, we groom them all!

Yes, we do groom cats as well & guess what? All that with an extra dash of luxury, at your doorstep.

We, at Velvett Spa make sure that every grooming session is safe & secure. To make every grooming session safe & secure for your pets, we use products of high quality & standards.

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