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Our state of the art, luxury pet grooming van is equipped with all the latest machinery and has a 100% pet friendly environment which helps in keeping your pet calm during the luxury grooming session, so that the things go smoothly.

We especially take care of the hygiene of our luxury pet grooming vans. We make sure that the vans are properly sanitized & cleaned after & before a luxury pet grooming session, making it completely odour free & pet friendly.

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Why us?

Luxurious pet grooming service at your doorstep. We come at your door to deliver the world class luxurious services for your beloved pet. We have a team of highly qualified professionals, making sure your loved ones spend a luxurious and quality time.

Getting There

We believe in making world a better place for animals over all, not only pets to live in. With our fast paced life & extreme day to day changes, we often ignore animals & their needs, which is absolutely not a favourable outcome for them. We believe that, we can change what’s going on around by educating & awaring people about these ignored sides, follow us on our social handles below, to know more.


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Our Services

Choose from variety of luxury pet grooming services, at your doorstep. Completely hassle free.

Velvett Spa Basic grooming

Basic Grooming

Bathing, drying, ear cleaning, mouth spray, sanitary clipping, nail clipping, paw massage, fragrance

Velvett spa dog haircut

Hair Cut

Full body haircut

Aroma therapy for dogs by velvett spa

Aroma Therapy

full body massage, bathing, drying, ear cleaning, paw massage, sanitary & nail clipping, mouth spray, fragrance


Full Service

Full body hair cut, bathing, drying, ear cleaning, sanitary clipping, nail clipping, paw massage, mouth spray, fragrance

Velvett Spa Home page dog

Tick & Flea Treatment

medicated bath, drying, ear cleaning, nail clipping, tick removal (manual), paw massage, mouth spray, fragrance

Cat full grooming

Cat Full Service

Full body haircut, bathing, drying, ear cleaning, nail clipping, fragrance


Spa Day! Thankyou Velvett Spa. I feel Awesome!
Now I feel better in the Indian summer. Thank you Velvett Spa for making me look this handsome.

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Velvett Spa Basic grooming

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